Your trust, our commitment

Passion, tradition and commitment, all of these and much more define El Dulze.

This family-run company was set up in 1990 to grow and pack produce; it has the backing of a breed of entrepreneurs founded by José Sánchez “El Dulze”, over fifty years ago.

Nowadays it has become a reference brand within the agricultural sector at both, national and international levels.

 The main purpose of El Dulze is to take care of you and your family by providing as wide a choice of products as possible, and by selecting only those with the highest quality and freshness.

More about us


We are known to use cutting-edge technology that we apply and adjust to our production, packaging, marketing and administration methods. 

Our crops

Our HQ are located in an area known as El Campo de Cartagena, Huerta Murciana (Orchards of Murcia) and specifically at El Mirador (South East Spain), where we perform all the production and packaging processes of our products.

We have about 2,000 Hectares of fields scattered throughout the whole country and from which we supply all European countries and even the Middle East.