Mundo Carakuato, El Dulze’s educational videogame, receives an award from the “5-A-DAY” Association.

The “5-A-DAY” Association acknowledges the work carried out by fruit and vegetable companies in the fight against the COVID-19 virus at the 14th edition of the “5-a-Day” Awards.

The situation we are currently experiencing due to the pandemic caused by the COVID-19 virus will be very much to the fore at the 14th edition of the “5-a-Day” Awards, organised by the “5-a-Day” Association which was set up to encourage the daily consumption of fresh fruit and vegetables. This edition of the awards will therefore be an even more special occasion, as the organisers are keen to express their appreciation for the steadfast and tireless work of fruit and vegetable companies in spite of the enormous difficulties they have had to face throughout this past year of 2020.

The members of the Association – which is sponsored by Euro Pool System España, Patatas Meléndez, Sakata Seed Iberica and UNIQ and which enjoys the collaboration of Mercamadrid and Fruit Attraction – has already met to choose the winners of the “5-a-Day” awards which will take place on the 10th of March in the assembly hall of the Mercamadrid Administrative Center. This year’s edition will have a hybrid format – the award winners will be able to attend in person, while the other attendees will be able to follow the event via a streaming platform.

On this occasion, in addition to rewarding the commitment of the enterprises that constantly help to put across the Association’s message, those responsible for selecting the award-winning companies wanted to acknowledge the work of all the fruit and vegetable companies that have played a fundamental role in Spain since the onset of the pandemic caused by the COVID-19 virus.

El Dulze Growers, SL has won the award for the children’s category with its educational multimedia videogame “Carakuato World”, which has been designed to encourage and disseminate healthy lifestyle habits and to promote healthy living through the consumption of fruit and vegetables.

This video game, which can be played on mobile phones and tablets or as a web game, can be downloaded at the following link:

El Dulze Growers would like to express its gratitude for this recognition in what has been a very difficult year for everyone and stresses the importance of continuing to convey to consumers and indeed to society as a whole, the message of a healthy lifestyle involving good eating habits, where fresh fruit and vegetables are of the utmost importance.

The other award winners in this edition are:

  • Company Category : The Association to Promote the Consumption of Broccoli +BROCOLI.
  •  Dissemination Category: on this occasion, all the media in the sector that collaborate with 5-a-Day in its day-to-day work:  AECOC with its publication CODIGO84, Agrifood Comunicación with its publication QCOM.ES, Ediciones Fruit Today with its publication REVISTA FRUIT TODAY, Editorial Agrícola España with its publication REVISTA AGRICULTURA, Horto del Poniente with its publication REVISTA FYH, Infoagro System with its publication INFOAGRO.COM, Lameyer with its publication REVISTA MERCADOS, Publications Agricoles with its publication EUROFRESH DISTRIBUTION, Siete Agromarketing with its publication eCOMERCIO AGRARIO, Sucro with its publication VALENCIA FRUITS.