Fundación Ingenio is a civil and apolitical organisation that is committed to the land, its people and a rural environment that it defends as a means of life. Established in 2020, its aim is to promote responsible, sustainable and innovative agriculture. Agriculture today is an agriculture that leads the way in science and technology, through family and traditional companies that are constantly working to produce and distribute fresh and healthy vegetables and leafy greens, products of the countryside, which are essential to a Mediterranean diet.

Its members are some 10,000 farmers, cooperatives, fruit and vegetable companies and Agricultural Transformation Societies (SATs) in the Campo de Cartagena region.

The Foundation seeks to preserve and care for the land on which we grow our produce and the integrity of the water with which we irrigate that land, in order to offer healthy, quality vegetables and leafy greens from Europe’s market garden.

As the Foundation itself says, “The land is not an inheritance from our parents, it is a loan from our children”.