Dulze Growers launches its new cookbook full of vegetable and leafy green recipes by Chef Martin Berasategui

Chef Martín Berasategui, who has 12 Michelin stars to his name, has created a series of collectable recipes based on Dulze products and available on the packaging of various products in the company’s range of fresh vegetables and leafy greens, and on the brand’s corporate website.

Dulze Growers, a Murcia-based company dedicated to the production and distribution of fresh and healthy vegetables and leafy greens, has developed, together with its gastronomic consultant, the great Spanish chef Martín Berasategui, a collection of recipes based on the Dulze range of products.

The launch of this line of recipes using fresh and healthy Dulze vegetables and leafy greens from Europe’s market garden, allows El Dulze to offer its consumers a series of original and healthy cooking suggestions and ideas based on its fresh vegetables and leafy greens, courtesy of the nationally and internationally renowned chef Martín Berasategui.

This recipe book, based on vegetables and leafy greens from the El Dulze brand, can be found on the packaging of certain products in the range, such as:

  • Dulze Hearts in 6-pack and 4-pack format,
  • Sucrine in 6-pack format, for establishments in France,
  • Romaine Lettuce in 1 and 2-pack format
  • in the Veguisan brand’s Asian Variety range, Pak choi.

 These recipes will allow you to surprise your guests with such delicious dishes as a salad of Dulze lettuce hearts with chicken, Romaine lettuce with orange, cheese and almonds, Pak choi with green beans, and other recipes featuring fresh and healthy products from the Region of Murcia.

 These recipes and many others can be found on the back of the packaging of these products and also on the brand’s website, www.eldulze.es

So don’t wait any longer, discover Martin Berasategui’s Dulze recipes and become a Master Chef at home!